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Therapeutic treatments -    
         Naturopathy (including Iridology) 
         Natural Fertility Management and pre-conception care

In house tests with immediate results -
         Darkfield microscopy
         Urine biochemistry and Indicand tests, heavy metal and free 
         radical assays
         Tests for general urinalysis, cholesterol, triglyceride, uric 
         acid, haemoglobin, blood grouping and glucose measurement

Other tests - 
        Celiac test, Helicobacter pylori IgG test
        Hair mineral analysis
        Allergy test for airborne and food sensitivities

Diet and Nutrition planning and advice 

Detoxification and well-being programs         


Medicinal supplements and Health food shop

At Central West Naturopathic you can be assured of personal attention, and professional service from qualified health professionals with many years of experience in both modern western health care and traditional or complementary (some say alternative) treatment.

Millions of people have found naturopathy and acupuncture to offer a better solution than drugs or surgery.  

Herbal medicines and natural supplements are in many cases a suitable means of achieving effective outcomes for a wide range of conditions. 

Diet and nutrition advice is provided. At our clinics clients are individually assessed, taking into account the clients age, gender, race, medical conditions, prescribed medications and general state of physical and mental well being before any advice, treatment or herbal prescription is offered.

Therapeutic treatments


Naturopathy involves the assessment of your underlying conditions and seeks to treat the whole person not just the presenting symptom, and looks for causes rather than just managing the effect of unwellness.

Naturopathy uses a holistic approach, focuses on preventive care, helping you maintain optimum wellness.

At your initial consultation, our naturopath conducts thorough assessments which may include cardiac risk assessment, western iridology, and TCM tongue diagnosis and develops personal plans and programs in consultation with you based on your capacity and needs. Associated with a naturopathic consultation is a full review of any medications you may be on, as the choices of complementary medicines, including herbs, minerals, and dietary adjustments may be affected by medication, or affect the medication itself.


Acupuncture is a method of treatment with its Chinese history going back thousands of years. With a 3,000 year history, acupuncture successfully addresses chronic ailments and manages pain. The acupuncturist will use very fine needles in channels known as meridians, to open energy flows, in turn relaxing and re-toning muscles, bringing relief to aches and pains, tensions, and helping the bodies own healing processes. Electro-stimulation of needles may be used, or 'dry needling' may be the choice.


There is a old saying" the eyes are a window to the soul", so too "the irides of the eye a window to your inner physical and mental health"

Using assessment and years of experience of the naturopath, to determine areas where dietary change and detoxification process can assist you to optimal health, as well as indicate areas of potential health concern for you to monitor.

Natural Fertility Management

ncludes pre-conception planning for both parents, optimising pre-conception detoxification, conception (or contraception), healthy pregnancy, preparation for delivery and post delivery care, assisting mothers return to a positive physical and mental well-being, and normalised hormonal cycling.

In house tests with immediate results 

Blood Screening using Darkfield Microscopy
 allows the naturopath to look with you   on screen at your blood cells and non-cellular or plasma content, identifying irregularities or processes which may be interfering with your health, nutrient uptake, waste clearance, or immune dysfunction, where contributors to reduced health are most often found.

This blood examination does not use the medical pathology process of blood smear and stain, but looks at peripheral blood in its natural form.  Go to our page which explains this process in more detail. 

Urine tests 

General urine
 biochemistry; General urine heavy metal test; Free radical urine analysis; Urinary Indicand

Urine provides valuable information about your body's biochemistry, and can also be used to measure heavy metal toxicity, free radical activity and by the urinary indicand test we are able to monitor intestinal health. Urine is filtered blood, and is not simply excreted waste. It is a significant marker of physiological wee-being, and when used in conjunction with live blood analysis can be useful in monitoring organ health, hydration adequacy, and infection.

Blood tests

Blood glucose level (non fasting); cholesterol; triglycerides; uric acid; blood groups

Dietary advice is given according to the result of these tests, and monitoring these blood levels allows factual measure of your progression to better health. As examples, where cholesterol levels are too low anxiety and stress overload occurs, high uric acid leads to gout. 

Celiac test 

A rapid and reliable test for the detection of celiac disease associated IgA auto antibodies from a fingertip blood sample.

Helicobacter pylori IgG Test

A rapid and reliable test for the detection of intestinal disorder, identifying ulcer causing Helicobacter Pyloci IgG antibodies from a  fingertip blood sample.

Other tests

Functional pathology 

Involves external laboratory analysis of specimens of urine and saliva, and occasionally blood, to monitor the efficiency of a part  with regard to its function. Conventional pathology looks at measuring levels of disease. Functional pathology is disease aware, but takes the approach of 'prevention being better than cure'.

Hair mineral analysis

This analytical method can be used to determine the levels of minerals in the hair. Hair is formed from the clusters of specialised cells that make up the hair follicle. During the growth phase, the hair is exposed to internal environment such as blood, lymph and extracellular fluids, locking in the accumulated metabolic products. This biological process provides a blueprint and lasting record of mineral status and nutritional metabolic activity that has occurred during this time.

Allergy test for airbourne/food sensitivity 

Using hair analysis for testing of airborne and food sensitivity 

Diet and Nutrition plans and advice 

One man's food is another man's poison is true. Your blood is affected by lectins in food, the degree of affect is determined by your blood group. Medically lectins are known as hemo-agglutinins, which means that some foods may cause blood to become 'sludgy', which can lead to clot formations. Understanding your blood group also allows the naturopath to determine beneficial foods for you, and advise which foods to minimise. 

Diet and nutritional advice is also of benefit for children diagnosed with ADHD, or similar behavioural disturbances, for those undertaking heavy manual labour, pregnant women, or those convalescing after illness or surgery.

Detoxification and Wellness programs 

allow you to remove accumulated wastes, restore efficient function and release toxins from the body. using gentle, natural medicines to take wastes from the bloodstream and eliminate them via the bowel and kidney. This process usually takes 6 weeks, but in some cases longer detoxification phases may be required.


Visiting Audiomestrist available by appointment. No concession, private client services only.

The need to hear well is as natural as the need to eat and sleep well. We are to undertake all ear hygiene care, ear candling, hearing tests and provide hearing aids, batteries and ear moulds, including swimmers plugs. 

Health food shop

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